Nevil Shute Norway Foundation


UK 2003 - Day 2

Steph Gallagher
HREM (Her Royal Event Manageress) Steph Gallagher got the second day of UK2003 underway by reading a note to the attendees from Heather Mayfield.
Australian Richard Michalak presented an interesting an humorous opening address. Richard Michalak
Morning break
The attendees enjoy their morning coffee and time to chat about Nevil Shute.
Dr. Fred Erisman presented his paper on the romance of work, a theme found in many of Nevil Shute's works. Dr. Fred Erisman
The attendees were treated to a truly wonderful Sunday lunch prepared and served by the Queen's Hotel staff.
Beall Fowler presents his paper on east meets west, another central theme found in many of Nevil Shute novels. Beall Fowler
Afternoon Break
The afternoon break included traditional English scones and more time to discuss Nevil Shute and to look at the many exhibits.
Professor David Weir presents his paper, "Nevil Shute: the Typical Englishman or Rogue, Rebel and Marginal man?" As you might guess from the subject matter, this paper generated many comments from the attendees. Professor David Weir
UK2003 Attendies
A view of the attendees and the meeting room.

Gerard Martin led the attendees on a most interesting walk of the area around the Hotel, pointing out many Shute related points of interest, and answered countless questions about the Portsmouth-Southsea area. A guide to the Portsmouth area is also on the website Gerard Martin
A view of Gerard and the walkers taken on the coast. The building in the background is the Southsea Castle.
During the day we had some light rain, which cleared up for the walk. After returning to the hotel, the rain returned!
The walking tour ended at 14 Helena Rd. The Shute family live at 14 Helena Rd Southsea from 1936 to late 1939. One can only wonder what the neighbors thought when the 15-strong group descended on them with camera's clicking. 14 Helena Rd.