Nevil Shute Norway Foundation


For those Shutists who have not been able to locate reading copies of all of their favorite author's works in the local library or used book store, there is hope! The Nevil Shute Norway Foundation Lending Libraries, located in Australia, the UK and the US, offer loans by mail of hard bound and paperback books, audio books, video copies of films based on Nevil Shute's books, copies of Nevil Shute's unpublished manuscripts, and other assorted Shute references. Only the US Library stocks everything. The other branch libraries have more limited stocks, but everything can be made available, if necessary by mail from the US. Click on the links below for full details of stock held in each library and to arrange library loans.

USA Lending Library

Australian Lending Library

UK Lending Library

There are no fees or deposits required for borrowing from the libraries. However, borrowers assume responsibility for returning the items in good order, and also assume financial responsibility for replacing any items that are lost. Costs for mailing requested items are initially paid by the library, and borrowers are asked to remit the cost of postage when they return the items.

Borrowers are generally limited to three items at a time. This can be three books, three videos, three manuscripts, or any combination thereof. The only exception is audio books. Because of the high replacement costs, borrowers are limited to one audio book at a time. Items borrowed must be returned within 30 days - sooner if possible - so that the greatest number of Shutists can be served. As with all rules, exceptions will be made for special cases such as classroom projects, lengthy research, etc.

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In addition, the National Library of Australia in Canberra contains a number of manuscripts. Further information can be seen by clicking here