Nevil Shute Norway Foundation



 1. Printed books (new)

All Shute titles are still in print. Random House publish his novels in paperback form in their Vintage Classic series. These are available through online retail outlets such as Amazon and also through the more traditional book stores such as Waterstones and Blackwells in the UK and Barnes and Noble in the USA. Again these stores also have an online presence.


Paper Tiger publish a number of Shute books in hardback form, namely - Marazan, Lonely Road, Ruined City, Landfall, The Mysterious Aviator, What Happened to the Corbetts, Slide Rule.

 They also publish the following:-

Vinland the Good (Paper Tiger is the only place where you can obtain a new copy of this book)

The Seafarers
(a short novel written in 1946 but published in 2002)

and the following biographies:-
Nevil Shute a biography by Julian Smith
Parallel Motion a biography of Nevil Shute Norway by John Anderson (published in 2011)

For other books about Nevil Shute (e.g. Beyond the Beach-the Wit and Wisdom of Nevil Shute by Bill Levy) see the UK Library catalogue

 2. Printed books (used)

There are a number of websites listing used books of which perhaps the best known is Other sites include and and, of course, the ubiquitous ebay. These sites have searchable databases where you can search for anything from those rare editions to used paperbacks and sort by price, country etc. Descriptions are those provided by the individual booksellers who subscribe to the service.

 3. Electronic books (ebooks)

Again outlets such as Amazon, and many others, list most Shute titles in electronic format, available to buy and download to your e-reader.

 4. Audio books

The era of the audio book on cassette tape is past, and 22 Shute books are now available as audio books on disc or to download in mp3 format.

Audio books are available through outlets such as, and many other online sources.



The following movies of Shute books are available on DVD from various outlets:-

The Pied Piper (1942)

Landfall (1948)

No Highway in the Sky (1951)

A Town Like Alice (1956)

On The Beach  (1959)

The Far Country (1986)

Pied Piper/Crossing to Freedom (1980)

On The Beach  (2000)

3 DVD sets of the mini series of A Town Like Alice (1981) are available from:-

Vermont Movie Store in the USA

Rare TV on DVD in the UK

Note:- The following 2 disc DVD set has been recently released and contains the 1936 film of Lonely Road. (There are 3 other films in the set)

Ealing Studios Rarities Collection: Volume 14 [DVD]


When all else fails, or when you only want just to borrow an item, please contact the American, English or Australian Foundation Libraries at All books, video tapes and audio books listed above, and several that are not elsewhere listed, are available on loan to the public without any charge other than postage.