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Nevil Shute wrote 24 novels and an autobiography between 1924 and 1960. All are excellent but some are obviously better than others. A complete bibliography is below. In some cases books were published under different names in the UK and the US. Both titles are shown where applicable.

Book Synopses

The following list of Nevil Shute books, by date of publication, is meant to describe the books only in sufficient detail to serve as a reminder of content to those who may have read them in the past, but forgotten the titles and to give a taste of the content of each story. For more comprehensive content reviews and comments, see the Book Review section of this page.
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Bibliography and Book Reviews

Please click here for a list of all books written by Nevil Shute, including book reviews. The reviews and comments contained on this site are all voluntary submissions by fellow Shutists. Additional submissions are always welcome, as are commentaries, analyses, and related discussion papers relating to Nevil Shute and his writing. All submissions are subject to review and editing by the Foundation staff. Our policy is to post writer's name and e-mail address unless specifically asked not to do so. If you would like to submit a review, please contact the WebMaster.

Nevil Shute's book review of A Town Like Alice

Nevil Shute's book review
Copyright by the Trustees of the Estate of the late Nevil Shute Norway.

Nevil Shute's views on modern art as he expressed them in The Far Country

Nevil Shute and Modern Art

Shirley Norway's review of So Disdained, What Happened To The Corbetts, and On The Beach

A short while ago, Shirley Norway wrote that she had begun rereading her father's books, after around fifty years. She made several comments regarding her impressions of So Disdained that we felt would be of interest to web site visitors. As a result, we asked if she would consider providing a paragraph or two on each book, as she finished rereading it. Shirley has graciously agreed. Her comments on So Disdained, What Happened To The Corbetts, and On The Beach are provided below.

Shirley Norway's Book Reviews

Favourite Books

You have had the opportunity to read what everyone thinks, now you have the chance to vote for your top three favorite Nevil Shute titles and see which books currently top our poll.
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Nevil Shute Characters

This section of the site is devoted to analyses of the characters in Nevil Shute's novels - "Ordinary People Doing Extraordinary Things."
Nevil Shute Characters

Nevil Shute Translations

The Foundation is building up a profile of the availability of Nevil Shute titles in languages other than English. Devoted Shutists have provided the foundation with details of books translated into several languages, however we are always on the lookout for more. Click below to find out how you can help the Foundation with this exciting project.
Nevil Shute Book Translations

Nevil Shute Novels Artwork

Val Biro's Cover Art for Requiem For a Wren

Edwin F. Herder's Cover Art for On The Beach

Gregg Lieberman has a fascinating site with a number of scanned dust jackets of various Shute editions Dust Jackets. They can be found at:

Obtaining Nevil Shute Novels

All of Nevil Shute's Novels are currently in print and available, albeit a bit hard to locate at times. The Resources Page page on this web site provides detailed information regarding sources for buying Nevil Shute titles. In addition, all Nevil Shute titles are available for loan, without charge, through one of the Foundation Libraries