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There are now four biographies of Nevil Shute.

  • His autobiography "SlideRule: The Autobiography of an Engineer ".
  • Julian Smith's 1976 book "Nevil Shute".
  • "Parallel Motion; a biography of Nevil Shute Norway" by John Anderson, published by Paper Tiger in 2011. For more information about this book click here.
  • NEW! "Shute:The engineer who became a prince of storytellers" by Richard Thorn, published by Troubador in 2017 ISBN: 9781788032575 
    For a review of this book click here. To order a copy click on It is also available from Amazon, Book Depository, Booktopia, Waterstones etc


Another recent (2012) book on Nevil Shute is Bill Levy's "Beyond the Beach: The Wit and Wisdom of Nevil Shute" (BLS Publishers, 2012).

This book contains an overview of Shute's life and career, a discussion of reasons why his books should be read in the 21st Century, and 115 of Nevil Shute's quotation illustrating his subtle humor, his gentle yet masculine use of language, his unique sense of timing, and his genius for succinctly capturing a universal concept with deceptive simplicity. With a Foreword by Nevil Shute's daughter, Heather Mayfield. For further information, please contact Bill at

In addition to Slide Rule, Parallel Motion and the Julian Smith biography, short biographical sketches are written from time to time for publications and/or by devoted Shutists.


Nevil Shute Norway Foundation Historian Richard Michalak has prepared a detailed time line of many of the key points in Nevil Shute's life, and he has supplemented it with a most interesting collection of photographs.

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This section has been created to provide additional sources of information relating to the life of Nevil Shute Norway. It is intended as a supplement to his autobiography, the biography by Julian Smith, and Richard Michalak's Time Line. At present, it includes talks and question and answer sessions by Nevil Shute's daughters, Heather Mayfield and Shirley Norway. In the future, we hope to include extensive interviews with friends and associates of Nevil Shute.