Nevil Shute Norway Foundation

Book Reviews

1923 Stephen Morris and 1924 Pilotage
(Published posthumously in 1961 as a single book)
1926 Marazan
1928 So Disdained/The Mysterious Aviator
1932 Lonely Road
1938 Ruined City/Kindling
1939 What Happened to the Corbetts/Ordeal
1940 An Old Captivity
1940 Landfall: A Channel Story
1942 Pied Piper
1942 Most Secret (Published 1945)
1944 Pastoral
1946 Vinland the Good
1947 The Chequer Board
1947 Seafarers
(Published posthumously in 2002)
1948 No Highway
1950 A Town Like Alice/The Legacy
1951 Round the Bend
1952 The Far Country
1953 In the Wet
1954 Slide Rule:The Autobiography of an Engineer (Non-Fiction)
1955 Requiem for a Wren/The Breaking Wave
1956 Beyond the Black Stump
1957 On the Beach
1958 The Rainbow and the Rose
1960 Trustee From the Toolroom
The Novels of Nevil Shute - Various Reviews
1948 Flight Log (Unpublished)
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