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UK 2003 - Day 1

Queen's Hotel
Our venue for UK2003, the beautiful Queen's hotel. The original hotel was built in 1860. In 1901, the original building burned to the ground. The hotel faces a park and the ocean.
HREM (Her Royal Event Manageress) Steph Gallagher. Steph assisted by her husband Mark, has been working on UK2003 for the last 18-months. And from the looks of things, UK2003 is going to be a bang-up success. Our host Steph Gallagher
Mark Gallagher
Steph's husband Mark Gallagher. Unfortunately Mark wasn't able to join us for UK2003, so we provide a virtual Mark.
David Dawson-Taylor, his wife Kate, and Yvonne Scott greeted everyone and handled registration. David is also riding herd on the movie viewings. David Dawson-Taylor

Adding those final touch-ups to the displays
Richard Michalak
Alison Elizabeth Jenner
Richard, Steph and Yvonne Scott
Richard Michalak Alison Jenner Richard, Steph
and Yvonne Scott

Evening Reception, Drinks and Buffet Buffet