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"Carry's story" - the story of the woman who inspired A Town like Alice  can be viewed here

"The Last of the Norways" article can be viewed here

Mr Howard's journey in Pied Piper as re-traced by Alison Jenner with maps and photographs is available here

The podcast of John Anderson's interview with ABC Radio about Nevil Shute can be listened to here

Photographs of the official opening of Shute Drive in Langwarrin on 1st March 2016 can be viewed here

 An interview by Scott McConnell with Henry Crawford about the making of the mini series of A Town Like Alice.
 It may be viewed here

Copies of an article by Bryan MacMahon published in the Journal Obelisk about the Norway famiy's involvement in the 1916 Easter rising. It may be viewed here

Copies of some correspondence betweeen Nevil Shute and his daughter, and the British Consulate in Tahiti in 1959, are included here, here and here

A paper written for a conference in Sweden about “Using The Works Of Nevil Shute In Engineering Education”.

A summary of Nevil Shute's work by Gadepalli Subrahmanyam

An article and photographs written by Sandra Beckett on her trip to the Howqua River

An exhibition of "Pioneers of Aviation" at the Yorkshire Air Museum was opened in March 2010.

A report written by John Anderson after his visit to Cavendish Morton, one of that dwindling number of people still alive who knew and worked with Nevil Shute.

An article written by Gary Swinson about his visit to the Welsh border, where he discovered the house where Sir Thomas Merton collaborated with Barnes Wallace in the development of, among other devices, the famous "bouncing bomb"

An article by our chief researcher, John Anderson, on "Nevil Shute, Sailing and 'RUNAGATE'"

Nevil Shute and Exercise "Trousers". An article by John Anderson suggesting the reason why Nevil Shute was near HMS Mastodon (Exbury) at the time of the Junkers crash

"The Probable Model for Dwight Schafter". An explanation by Paul Wankowicz, of Winchester, Massachusetts, USA

A report by Tommy and Polly Thomas on their May 2008 visit to Langwarrin is included.

Nevil Shute's "The Rainbow and the Rose" and Tasmania  An appreciation by Penny Morton

What Did Nevil Shute Norway Actually Believe? By Revd. John B. Wilcox.

Flight Map
Dan and Zia Telfairs' "Flight of Fancy" through the Australian outback.

Comments on the works of Nevil Shute by Richard LaVen

This is an account written by Shute for the Ministry of Information of the Normandy invasion. Shute was there on D-Day and tells a fascinating story. Journey into Normandy
(Copyright by the Trustees of the Estate of the late Nevil Shute Norway)

A selection of pictures showing scenes similar to those described in Nevil Shute's Most Secret. Pictures/Map

"Richard's Ramblings - An Occasional Newsletter from Down Under"

December 14, 2001
Nevil Shute and The Dishmop

Examples of Nevil Shute Norway's Signature

Nevil Shute Norway's birth certificate

Can you spot Nevil Shute Norway?

Test your knowledge with this Nevil Shute crossword puzzle

Click here to see NSN's ticket of passage on the R-100 from Montreal to England in 1930.

Helena Rd, Southsea
A Shutist's Guide to the Portsmouth area by Gerard Martin.

John B. Wilcox's A Boy called Ne-Ne-Nevil

Tips on doing research at the National Archives by John Anderson.

Beach at Eucula Our adventure to Eucula and Western Australia by Andy and Linda Banta.

Click here to read a copy of Arden Jensen's tome Gremlins And Demons