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The purpose of the Nevil Shute Norway Foundation is to further public awareness of the writings and philosophy of Nevil Shute Norway. To fulfil this purpose, the Foundation:


The Nevil Shute Norway Foundation is registered as a not-for-profit corporation in New Mexico.


Board members at Chalgrove in February 2017

l to r Joost Meulenbroek, Andy Burgess, David Dawson-Taylor, Laura Schneider, Alison Jenner and John Anderson.
(Beall Fowler was not present at this meeting)  

Biographies of current Board members can be found by clicking on the name.

 Past Board members include:

  • Dan Telfair Founder (USA)
  • Jim MacDougald, Original Member (USA)
  • Shirley Norway, Original Board Member (USA) ( Deceased)
  • Steph Gallagher, Organiser of UK 2003 (UK)
  • Richard Michalak, Newsletter Editor and Historian (Australia)
  • Jack Callaway, Website Manager (USA) ( Deceased)
  • Babette Hills, Secretary and Treasurer ((USA))


At the present time the Foundation does not have tax exemption status and therefore donations are not tax deductible.


The history of the Nevil Shute Norway Foundation parallels the history of developments leading to the creation of the web site. It all started in late 1996 with an internet Nevil Shute book club. Members would agree on a book to read, then discuss it via e-mail. Around mid 1998, someone noted that January 17, 1999 would be Nevil's 100th birthday, and that we should have a birthday party. That seemed like a good idea, so Dan and Zia Telfair decided to host what they thought would be a small party in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Thereafter, things got a bit out of hand. What started as a birthday party, became a centennial celebration attended by over 120 "Shutists" including Nevil's two daughters, his two grandchildren, and one great granddaughter. Five countries plus Puerto Rico were represented. Participants enjoyed the celebration so much, they elected to declare a two-year intermission, and start all over in Australia in 2001.

Not long after the Centennial Celebration, a lending library was formed to provide public access to all of Nevil Shute's novels and related materials. This was done because of the difficulty in obtaining access to some of his out of print books, films based on his books, unpublished manuscripts, etc. The library now has over 300 items available for loan, and over 100 patrons in nine countries. Additionally, a branch library was opened in Australia following the OZ2001 Celebration and another branch library is now open in the UK.

In early 2000, because of administrative requirements involving the Centennial, the library, and the Australia celebration (OZ2001), it was decided that a legal entity was necessary to handle the property and funding involved. To meet this requirement, the Foundation was incorporated on 11 April 2000.

Since that time, in addition to managing OZ2001, UK2003, Cape Cod 2005, OZ2007, UK2009, Seattle 2011, Hobart 2013 and Oxford 2015, and maintaining the lending libraries, the Foundation maintains the web site and a monthly newsletter, and has provided complete sets of hardbound and softbound editions and recorded books to the Nevil Shute Memorial Library in Alice Springs.


Alice Springs Library Support

The Alice Springs Community Library was officially named the Nevil Shute Memorial Library when it was first opened some twenty years ago. In 2001 the Foundation donated approximately $3000 AUD towards the erection of a suitable memorial to Nevil Shute. Alice Springs Town Council contributed $20,000 to renovate the Library garden and to put benches and a memorial plaque and rename it the Nevil Shute Memorial Garden.

Alice Springs Library Presentation

Foundation representatives present matching funds checks for the Nevil Shute Memorial to the Alice Springs Mayor and the Library Manager.
Left to Right: Library Manager Glenys Aird, Mayor Fran Kilgariff, Dan and Zia Telfair.

Unveiling of the Memorial Plaque 24th April 2007
Left to Right Laura Schneider, Dan Telfair, Mayor Fran Kilgariff, Denise Senior, Library Manager

The garden was formally opened, and the memorial plaque unveiled, during the Alice Springs Conference in April 2007.

The Foundation has donated a complete set of hardbound Nevil Shute books for display as well as a full set of paperbacks for loan.

Yorkshire Air Museum - Pioneers in Aviation Exhibition

The Foundation worked with the Yorkshire Air Museum at Elvington near York during the creation of this exhibition. This has good displays which give details of the life and work of Nevil Shute covering both his aviation and literary work. This is a permanent exhibition which was officially opened to the public in March 2010.


The Nevil Shute Norway web site is hosted by QCS Group  based in Brisbane, Australia.


The Nevil Shute Norway Foundation is operated on small profits from gatherings and on the generosity of member Shutists. We do not charge dues, sell merchandise, engage in fund raising activities, nor set fees for gatherings in order to make a profit. No Foundation Board Member receives a salary. There is no paid staff. We do everything in our power to keep operating expenses to a minimum. From time to time, however, we do fund projects such as assistance to the Nevil Shute Memorial Library in Alice Springs, scholarships, etc.

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