Nevil Shute Norway Foundation

Book Launch

List of Attendees at the Exbury Junkers Book Launch

17 th April 2004

Eyewitnesses (accompanied by their guests)
Alan Fields Saw the Junkers being attacked by RAF Typhoons over Exbury village.
Allan Green Sick Berth Attendant at HMS Mastodon. Tended one of the dying German airmen.
Nancy Hardy One of the Land Girls who was working in a field to the east of Exbury village, when the Junkers appeared from nowhere with the two Typhoons in hot pursuit.
John Hayward Working on Little Thorness Farm, on the Isle of Wight, when the Junkers appeared overhead. It fired several red Very lights.
Honor Johnston Saw the Ju 188 flying westwards towards Exbury. It was under attack from the anti-aircraft battery at Lepe Farm.
James Kyle, DFM Typhoon pilot with 197 Squadron. Was airborne with pilots of 266 Squadron when the Ju 188 was intercepted on 18th April 1944.
John Lambourne Former Marine, stationed at HMS Mastodon in the run-up to D-Day. One of the first to reach the crash site.
John Leete Flying Films. Producer of "The New Forest At War"
Marjorie Maidment One of the Land Girls who was working in a field to the east of Exbury village, when the Junkers appeared from nowhere with the two Typhoons in hot pursuit.
Kathleen Maskell Wren working at Lepe House. Visited the Sick Bay at HMS Mastodon and saw dying German airman.
Margaret Mead Wren at HMS Mastodon. Saw dead German airmen outside the sick bay.
John Meredith Saw the Junkers being attacked from the anti-aircraft battery at Lynn Farm on the Isle of Wight.
Sam Mundy Despatch rider at HMS Mastodon. Saw the Junkers crash-land. Arranged for an ambulance to take the wounded to the sick bay.
Barry Price & Guest Barry's father-in-law, Jock Leal, was in the Royal Observer Corps and witnessed the Junkers incident from his observer post on the Isle of Wight.
Leopold de Rothschild Saw the Ju 188 being chased over the Exbury area by the two Typhoons.
Arthur Sibley & Guest Working in a nearby field when the Junkers came down.
Phyllis Stephens WAAF ambulance driver at RAF Calshot. Collected four of the casualties of the Junkers crash.
Reg Wheeler Witnessed the funeral and burial at All Saints Church, Fawley, on 21st April 1944.
Neil Gregory Telegraphist, C Troop, Combined Operations Bombardment Unit

Other guests

Mr & Mrs Val Biro Val Biro designed the front cover of Nevil Shute's "Requiem for a Wren"
Mr & Mrs Alan Brown Local historian. Author of "Twelve Airfields" about WWII airfields in the New Forest.
Cyril Cunningham Author of "The Beaulieu River Goes To War".
David & Kate Dawson-Taylor Nevil Shute Norway Foundation.
Martyn Dryden Nevil Shute Norway Foundation.
Jenny and Dave Knowles
& Lynda Edwards
Dave Knowles Films
Clare Murley & Guest Fawley Historians.
Marion Pollard & Family Helped author with German translation work.
Nick & Linda Shepperd Woodfield Publishing - publishers of "The Exbury Junkers".
Julie, Adam & Jenny Stanley Author's wife and children.
Dr Paul Stanley Author's brother

Exbury Gardens

Mr & Mrs Edmund de Rothschild
Mr Nicholas de Rothschild
Mr & Mrs R Chaplin - Jennifer is Mr Edmund's Secretary
Annie Bullen - Press Officer
Angus Harley - Managing Agent of the Exbury estate
Nigel Philpott - Commercial & Marketing Manager

Exbury Veterans Association

Mike and Irene Benton
Mr & Mrs Clive Lester
Marion & Stuart Loveland
Maurice Passingham