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Photo TimeLine

This Photo TimeLine album attempts to illustrate the life of aeronautical engineer and novelist Nevil Shute Norway (1899-1960).

Already frustrated by the lack of any organized collection of Nevil Shute images and information, I was inspired to collect and collate the album by Derek Hill's fascinating presentation at the Oz2001 conference. Derek showed a terrific photo of an exhilarated 31 year old Nevil Shute in the Navigator's Cockpit of R100 and I realized that I wanted to see if there was more.

The early part of the album is fairly bare of photos of early photos of Shute and his family but we still have hope that more photos will be found.

Anyone with an un-featured Nevil Shute related photo in their possession or finding one anywhere are kindly asked to send a copy to me at Please include all the details that you know of publication, photo credits, website name etc etc. If you have a suggestion for a Shute-related photo that you feel should be here please don't hesitate to contact me.

Enormous thanks go to the many, many enthusiastic people who contributed photos that they took themselves, owned or found in books and websites. At the end of this document is a list of credits that explains the cryptic initials under the photos. Anyone who assisted and is not credited should please contact me immediately.

Avid researchers will find notes on several missing and much desired photos and are encouraged to do their own search to help to improve this document.

The arrangement is as chronological as is reasonable.

I hope you enjoy this labour of love that can never begin to repay the debt I owe to Nevil Shute Norway for all the interest, pleasure, and general enjoyment of life that, while I never met him, he has unselfishly shared with me.

Richard (Seventh Vote) Michalak

Post script: Richard Michalak researched and collated all the data and photographs for the PhotoTimeLine over many years. Pressure of work meant that he was obliged to discontinue this project, and the webmaster, John Anderson, has taken over this responsibility. Emails directed above will automatically be diverted to him.

Photo Credits

If the credit in brackets begins with the word Photo: then the first set of initials is the photographer, the next is the source and the 3rd, if any, is who found it.

If the word Photo: is missing then the photographer's name is unknown and the first set of initials is the source and the second, if any, is who found it. In many cases people sent photos I already had so I have mentioned the first person to send in a copy of any given photo.

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