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1921 - 1930 page 8

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Ironwork, possibly part of R100 hydrogen generating plant
This piece of ironwork is located near the location of R100's hydrogen generating plant and may have been part of it. The construction appears to extend under the ground. (Photo: RM 2003)

This is one of the 2 single-airship sheds still standing at Cardington. The shed in which R100 was built at Howden was similar except it was twice as wide with room for 2 airships. After construction R100 was housed in one of these sheds at Cardington. Those needing storage space for their spare golf clubs or their full size model of R100 can contact Knight Frank Real Estate in London as the shed is for rent. It is Hangar No. 2 and is 213,000 square feet or 19,788 square meters. (Photo: RM 2003) Airship shed at Cardington
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Airship sheds at Cardington This is the latest photo of the two airship sheds at Cardington, taken in June 2008 (Photo: DDT 2008)
The two airship sheds at Cardington, complete with both R100 and R101 (Photo: Airship Heritage Trust) Airship sheds at Cardington

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