Nevil Shute Norway Foundation

Characters And Aircraft


TITLE PRINCIPAL CHARACTER(s) Principal Aircraft Other Aircraft (Events)
Marazan Captain Philip Stenning Avro biplane Chipmunk
So Disdained Maurice Lenden, Peter Moran Breguet Avros
Lonely Road Sir Philip Stenning (Dabchick) (Round the world)
What Happened to the Corbetts Flt Lt Collins RAF Bombers Fighters
An Old Captivity Donald Ross Seaplane  
Landfall Flying Officer Chambers RAF Avro Anson Wellington
Pied Piper John Howard RAF Ju.87 Stukas Club a/c
Pastoral Flt Lt Peter Marshall Wellington Lancasters
Most Secret Capt Charles Simon Blenheim Hudsons
The Chequerboard Fg. Off Phillip Morgan Spitfire Hudson, Dakota
No Highway Mr Theodore Honey REINDEER (fictional) Assegai
Round The Bend Tom Carter, Gujar Singh, Arjan Singh, Dwight Schafter, Connie Shaklin Fox Moth, Air Truck, Tramp, Air Carrier Proctor  
In The Wet Wg Cdr Anderson DH Ceres (Aus & Can.)
Slide Rule (autobiography) Nevil Shute Norway, Major Scott, Sqn Ldr Booth R100 & R101 Glider/(Maggersuppe) Airspeed Ferry
Requiem for a Wren Sqn Ldr Alan Duncan Ju.188 Typhoon
The Rainbow and the Rose Johnnie Pascoe, Ronnie Clark, Brenda Marshall Auster DC6b
Trustee From The Toolroom Keith Stewart DC6b Cessna/Helo
Stephen Morris* Stephen Morris, Capt Philip Stenning, Capt Malcolm Riley, Capt C G H Rawdon AVROs Ratcatcher, Laverock
Pilotage* Stephen Morris (Pilot), Peter Dennison (Nav) Flying Boat (Airmail)

* Written prior to 1926,
Published, 1961, 2000
The Trustees of the Estate of Nevil Shute Norway, in 1961.