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Flying Summary: ROUND THE BEND

Published: 1951 Heinemann  
Setting: Post War / 1948 - 55  
Story: Starting with one small DH Fox Moth, Tom Cutter an aviation workaholic sets up his own air taxi/freight service in the Middle East. He employs local native mechanics and pilots as his business expands. Connie Shaklin is a dedicated Engineer whose unconventional religious beliefs spread to become a cult that ensures safety and high maintenance standards throughout the region.  
Locations: Southampton
Bahrain and the Gulf
Bali and Cambodia
Main Characters: Tom Cutter
Connie Shaklin and his sister Nadezna
Sir Alan Cobham (air Circus)
Gujar Singh (Indian pilot)
Flying Episodes: Throughout the book as noted below.  
Aircraft: Air Circus - South coast then The Gulf
Tiger Moth, Hornet
DH Fox-Moth, Proctor
Basingstoke Air Truck, Plymouth Tramp,
Cornell Air Carrier
Flying Characters: Tom Cutter
Gunjar Singh, Arjan Singh, Hosein
Dwight Schafter
Aviation Location(s): Southampton
Bahrain - throughout and beyond the Gulf
Aviation Activities Air Circus
Solo flight Southampton to The Gulf
Air Taxi/freight in Middle East
Air Freight - Indonesia via Karachi & Singapore
Operation of an ex-gun-runner's air freighter
Additional Comments: One of the very best of Shute's books combining a developing aviation theme, in the Middle East, with an insight into his fascination with religion and mysticism