Nevil Shute Norway Foundation

Holdings: Video Tapes

The following video tapes of films and television dramatizations based on Nevil Shute's novels are available through the Foundation Library in USA


In addition to the above films and television dramatizations, there is a fifteen minute tape of The R-100 Airship in Canada. This tape was made from what appears to be an amateur motion picture film taken during the R-100's visit to Canada. It is not commercially available, but a copy is available on loan through the Nevil Shute Lending Library.

A video documentary of the 1999 Nevil Shute Centennial Celebration is also available on loan through the Nevil Shute Lending Library, and available for sale through the Paper Tiger 800-422-5620.

Note 1: Please see 'Filmography' for more detailed discussions and source information of the above films.

Note 2: All of the above video tapes with the exception of PIED PIPER and CROSSING TO FREEDOM, are excellent quality. Those two are rather poor quality, taped from television, dubs. Anyone having better video copies, or knowing where such can be obtained, please contact the web site or library.