Nevil Shute Norway Foundation

OZ Branch Lending Library

For those Shutists who reside Down Under, borrowing from the library is easy and quick.

To borrow Nevil Shute novels for the price of local postage, contact the OZ Librarian.

The OZ Branch library has the following items available:-
23 novels in hard or paper back
Vinland the Good
Billy Vincent - Bush Pilot by Gary Nicholson
The Secret War by Gerald Pawle
Biography by Julian Smith
The Exbury Junkers
When Hollywood came to Melbourne (making of On the Beach) in CD
On the Beach DVD with Bryan Brown and Armand Assante
Famous Old Boys of Shrewsbury School
21 audio books (not Ruined City or Stephen Morris). Requiem for a Wren is under the title "The Breaking Wave"
Fred & Ruth Greenwood's film archives May 2009 on DVD
Fred & Ruth Greenwod interview 27th Feb 2008 on CD
Recordings from Alice Springs Legacy Conference 2007 in mp3 format
Printed copies and/or videos from some other conferences

As the demand presents itself, the OZ Branch will also be furnished with copies of Nevil Shute's unpublished manuscripts, video and audio tapes, etc.