Nevil Shute Norway Foundation

Newsletter September 2017

Letters to the Editor

FROM Theo Prijs

In the 17th century both Jacob van Ruysdael and Meindert Hobbema have painted the beautiful and very old (1350) watermill belonging to Singraven Manor, in the east part of The Netherlands, near the town of Denekamp. (You can see one of the pictures in The National Gallery and the other in The Louvre.)         

In the stylish ‘Huntingroom’ of the former house of the miller, now a restaurant, the Dutch Nevil Shute Bookclub intends to hold it’s second meeting, on the 22th October. In this lovely surrounding we will discuss the book “Pastoral”. During our first meeting, nearly seven months ago, we intended to discuss Pastoral as well, but we needed so much time to tell each other how much and why we do love the books of Nevil Shute, that there was no time left to discuss the book. We want to start at eleven a.m. with the welcoming of new members and after lunch we really will start talking about Pastoral. All Shutists, both Dutch and foreign are welcome. Please contact me if you want to come.

FROM John Anderson                                                                                                    

Gliding Scholarships

The Fleet Air Arm Officers Association (FAAOA) has,  for a number of years, run gliding scholarships for 17-21 year old students for those who wish to pursue a career in aviation. Candidates have a weeks course on aviation with tuition on gliders with the opportunity to go solo at the end of the course. The Foundation Board agreed to sponsor a candidate this year as part of our Excellence in Aviation programme. This programme has been dormant for a number of years and we took advantage of sponsoring a candidate in this long established and well run scheme.

The courses take place in August and also at Easter to coincide with school and college vacations and were due to to take place at an airfield in Somerset. I was looking forward to visiting the airfield to meet our candidate and watch the gliding. However for technical reasons this summer's course had to be cancelled at the last minute; the first time this has happened in more than 10 years according to my FAAOA contact. It will will be re-scheduled for Easter next year. I will keep you posted.

Airspeed's first product was the Tern glider and Shute himself earned his gliding certificate at Sherburn-In-Elmet in 1931.



A short newsletter again this month, but for those in the UK or in The Netherlands, some nice thing are coming. I will be at both events, hope to see you there. The weather in The Netherlands is changing from day to day. One day it can be hot, over 30 degrees Celsius, the next only 18.

See you all next month.