Nevil Shute Norway Foundation

Newsletter May 2016

Letters to the Editor

FROM Alison Jenner

Nevil Shute weekend 07-08 May 2016, Isle of Wight

Dear friends,

I suggest that we meet for a "Mini-Nev" weekend on the Isle of Wight ‪Saturday 07 May - Sunday 08 May 2016. We need to avoid the busiest days on the Island if we are going to be able to get about. 
I have booked some twin and double rooms at the Premier Inn, Newport, IOW for us at a cost of £86 per room. 
If there is a sufficient number interested in taking part I suggest that those of us from the mainland meet in Southampton and car-share on the ferry ‪on Saturday morning.
Please let me know straight away if you are keen to take part so we can firm up our arrangements.

FROM Phil Nixon

A new follower of the Nevil Shute Twitter blog @ItemWillie is @skipperswar which is the twitter account for a blog called The blog concerns "Reflections on life at school and news from our old boys in this Great War."
Skipper Lynam was Headmaster of NSN's Oxford Preparatory School (aka The Dragon School). Nevil Shute is mentioned in the April 26th post...

"Today’s ‘Daily Telegraph’ contains news (on page 9) of an attack on the GPO in Dublin, which gives us great concern for one Old Dragon family living there: the Norways. In 1912, Nevil Norway‘s father, Arthur Hamilton Norway, was made Secretary to the Post Office in Ireland – in effect in charge of the Post Office throughout the country. His office is in the Post Office building attacked by the rebels. We await news as to both his safety and that of the family. Nevil Norway, now aged 17, will have returned home recently for the holidays from Shrewsbury, where he is now at school."

FROM Charles D

After million dollar aircraft parts become obsolete,  they still can find a use.

There is a big military aircraft graveyard near Tucson, AZ.  Lots of bits and pieces.

FROM Charles D (2)
If you’re not familiar with Cobalt or its drop-dead-gorgeous Co50 Valkyrie personal plane, you’re about to be. The company just secured $50 million in pre-orders, meaning the skies are about to get a whole lot prettier.
Cobalt started off as a pet project for founder and CEO David Loury. An aerospace engineer-turned-entrepreneur and designer, the French-born CEO hopes Cobalt can change the pace for personal aircraft. The Co50 Valkyrie was designed to do just that.

FROM Douglas Faunt

The mention of Frederic Forsythe and "The Shepherd" reminded me of this reading on the CBC:
This is the investigation into where he flew: 

Here's a mention of an Airspeed aircraft in a related broadcast: 


Not a very long newsletter this month, but there are some interesting items in it. Please let me have more copy people.
The weather in the Netherlands is fantastic, and I understand it it great on the Isle of Wight too, where several of us are meeting this weekend.

See you all next month.