Nevil Shute Norway Foundation

Newsletter dated May 2011

Letters to the Editor

From Laura Schneider

Update on Seattle Conference

Nearly everything is in place and all we really need is YOU ! Thanks to those of you who have already registered. Please note there are different options during registration. Some local residents may only want to attend the Speaker days plus the Banquet. Some spouses may only want to attend the excursions and special evening events. My favorite story so far is from a man who has tried to attend previous gatherings. After registering, he said he could now cross off "attending a Shute Conference" from his "Bucket List"!

An aside: I was pleased to see many Royals bussed to William and Kate's wedding on 29th April. Since they insisted the buses be called Motor Coaches, in the future, I will now refer to our excursion transportation, as Motor Coaches. In fact, our transportation will be much nicer and more comfortable than that which was used for the Royal wedding !

The web site is updated whenever there is new information to share. Please check out our web site at

From Tommy Thomas

The last newsletter was so full of good things that I had to produce a PDF version and email it to my iPad so that Polly could read it in the dark on awakening this morning.

Also saving twentyone A4 pages of forest.

It occurs to me that at the conference there should be some debate about the way ahead with books and the role of iBooks in their various formats. Laura may have thought of this already, either in the reading session or earlier during the conference.

Also John's new book might grasp the technology from day one.

I am sure Nevil would have approved.

We are toiling away at planning the most rewarding route to use to fly from Sydney to Seattle in September, any ideas from Laura or others on this would be welcome.

Our usual passage through Dubai and Gozo are affected by our Libyan friends though we might come back that way.

From David B. Horvath

There's a passing reference to "On the Beach" in this book/PDF

And here: On the Beach mentioned as motivating career choice.

From Steve King Stanwood, WA (near Seattle)

SImilarity Of "Trustee From The Toolroom" and JR Tolkien's "The Hobbit" and opportunities to promote NSN.

You may be aware that Peter Jackson is in production of the movie version of The Hobbit, the prequel of "The Lord of the Rings" trilogy. I see a great similarity between the major themes of "The Hobbit" and those of "Trustee From the Toolroom."

I posted this on my facebook page, along with a link (see above) to Peter Jackson in a video, talking about the production: "If you like the theme of the Hobbit (a very humble person, living in a very small "world," who then goes on an incredible quest out of duty), then you might like one of my favorite books, Trustee From the Toolroom, by Nevil Shute (real last name Norway, and sometimes listed with all three names). It's about such a man in England around 1959 who left his tiny "world" to go on an incredible journey half-way around the world, to fulfill a duty to his sister and niece. See

If you're not already familiar with "The Hobbit," you can see the story line here:

I think that the production and release of "The Hobbit" movies (2 parts; 2012 and 2013 release) gives us a great opportunity to make many others aware of and hopefully to read NSN's books, especially "Trustee." Does anyone (in our NSNF newsletter group) have any ideas on how to do that, or connections with anyone else who might have ideas or connections ?

The "Lord of the Rings" movie trilogy received a tremendous amount of attention in the US media and in popular culture, and I assume that was the case in much of the world. I wonder if the similar impact I expect from "The Hobbit" movies might open doors for a production of a movie version of "Trustee." Again, does anyone in our group have any connections which might help that to happen ?

I wonder if "Trustee" was inspired by "The Hobbit," which was published by a British author in 1937. Does anyone know if Shute, or someone who knew him, commented on the parallel between the stories, and what influence "The Hobbit" had on "Trustee?" Has anything been written about this parallel ?

From Sherill Anderson

I have been rereading "Stephen Morris" and just found a wonderful phrase:

"Go carefully," he said.

"He was one of that great class of Englishmen who love their wives and trust them unquestioningly with their money and their honour, but are apt to hedge a little over their motorcars."

Perhaps others will want to share some of their fav

From Cedric

Obituary of renaissance man aviator

From Terry Miller

Hi, I just had a look at the foundation web site and was so pleased to see the ash trays are now on the web for all to see.

I'm so glad that they found a home with people that will look after them and I'm so glad that I resisted the urge to make money from them. Since I last saw you last I managed to find permanent employment with Eaton aerospace at Titchfield and will retire this June.

Life has been busy for us and I even managed a trip with the wife to New Zealand earlier this year to meet our new grandson.

I still have not had a chance to read the copy of Round the Bend you gave me but when life gets a bit slower for me I'll give it a go.

Best wishes to you and yours and all at the foundation

Editor: I received this email from David Dawson-Taylor, with the following comment: I collected these ashtrays (see from Terry in Portsmouth some years ago and after photographing them for the website, sent them to Dan Telfair for safekeeping. I also gave him a copy of Round the Bend which as you can see he's not got around to reading yet.


It is wonderful over here in Holland. We have had such great weather. I'm really enjoying it.

See you all next month