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Newsletter dated June 2008


The Board Members of the Nevil Shute Norway Foundation are happy to report that Joost Meulenbroek, our dedicated researcher and finder of "Runagate", has agreed to take over as Newsletter Editor, at least until after York 2009, and perhaps indefinitely. Welcome Joost! I (Dan Telfair) have acted as interim Newsletter Editor for the most recent two issues, and will do everything I can to help Joost achieve a smooth transition. Joost will be taking over immediately, and will be responsible for the July Newsletter and thereafter.


I wrote recently of having an instrument familiarization ride with "little" Alix Vivier, who some of you may remember as the fourteen-year-old runner/gofer at the Centennial. A few years ago, we awarded Alix a scholarship to complete her instrument instructor rating, which she did shortly thereafter. It was not long after that I had my instrument refresher ride with her as my instructor. Today, Alix is flying as a Captain for a New Mexico regional airline - complete with a copilot/first officer to carry her flight bag! Nevil would be pleased.


John Anderson, UK Board Member, Chief of Research, Manager of York 2009, Chairman of the NSN Scholarship Program, etc., has provided us with a new contest. We will try the idea this month and, if it is popular, perhaps Joost will continue it in future editions of the Newsletter.
John's Question:
Readers will know that many of Shute's novels have been translated into other languages. Which novel, translated into French, has the title "Coeur Genereaux" (Generous Heart)? Answers should be sent to John at There are no prizes but John will announce the winner(s) and the correct answer in the July Newsletter. Warning: John has put in a little twist to make it more difficult to "Google" the answer!


From Bob King -

Great to have you as new editor. Richard did an excellent job.
Some time ago I got the idea of having a film festival here. Published in the letter got several responses. I had counted on my son, Steve, to take my place along with Gary Cline in doing the work. He's still in the process of moving up here from So. Cal and probably won't be here till July. Probably too late for this summer festival. I'm about 87 years old and not up to heavy responsibility but eager to have it come off.

Will keep you posted.


From Norm Solomon -

Has anyone tried to get BBC to make a film or miniseries based on this delightful novel (Trustee from the Toolroom)? The story seemed to fit the Hallmark Hall of Fame series; however, by the time I recommended it to them, their format had become edgier.
I would love to see this story on television.
Norm Solomon, Wilsonville, Oregon

My response to Norm.
We have had a half-dozen inquiries over the years regarding film and television rights for Trustee, including one that supposedly went so far as to buy the rights and begin preparations for a film. I have heard nothing since.
I would be all for a film or television miniseries like ATLA done of Trustee, providing they would stick to the plot and message. However, that is not too likely. If you have seen OTBII, made for Australian ABC, you know what I mean. I would rather see his books languish in obscurity than see them treated to modern filming practices.
Regards, Dan

From Subrahmanyam Gadepalli -
Dear Dan:
This is Subrahmanyam Gadepalli from India, an avid fan of Nevil Shute as you are all. Welcome to the new responsibility thrust upon you.
I was suggesting to the earlier editor, that we should continue the tradition of Shute, by trying to write sequels to his novels, that could be sequelled (If I can use that word). For example, On The Beach, could have a revival of some people that survive the atomic fallout. A Town Like Alice has umpteen possibilities. For those who have imbibed the Nevil Shute style, it should not be a difficult matter. Please think about it. I am game to help all I can. This according to me is one way to keep the name alive and interesting to the present generation, which sad to say, has not even heard of Nevil Shute.

My response to Subra:
Dear Subra:
I had never thought of sequels before. One of the problems would be that Nevil's characters are so central to his books. Sequels would require that they be appropriately aged, or that a new cast of characters be developed. About the only thing that could remain the same would be the context, and that would have to be changed with time. For example, the Australian Outback is nothing today like it was in Nevil's day. Cattle are now herded with aeroplanes and helicopters, or by "Sparkplug Ringers" on all-terrain motor bikes.
On the other hand, we have edited and published one of the previously unpublished stories that Nevil abandoned in 1947. Have you read or heard of "The Seafarers", which we published a few years ago? It is available for sale through Paper Tiger at
Regards (Temporarily) from the Queensland Outback,

Subra's response:

Dear Dan:
Thanks for so prompt a reply.
It is our mutual affection and gratefulness to Nevil Shute, that prompts us to attempt all sorts of gimmicks to keep his memory alive.
As you have correctly stated, there is a sea change in the atmosphere which Nevil Shute had so patiently created and the present. The characters have to age, some die, but the spirit should continue. That is all behind my suggestion. Since there are at least thousands of living fans, someone or two of them could be enthused in this aspect. I myself do not consider coming any where near Nevil Shute either in style nor content. It is only a burning desire of making his name known to the present generation, and make a few of them go back to the libraries to read his classics.
Subrahmanyam Gadepalli

That's it for this month. It has been a pleasure stepping back in as Editor for the most recent two issues.
Please send all Newsletter correspondence to until further notice.
Regards from the Land of Enchantment,
Dan Telfair, Founder
The Nevil Shute Norway Foundation


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