Nevil Shute Norway Foundation

Newsletter dated July 2013

Letters to the Editor

From Chris & Penny Morton

Hope all of you in the northern hemisphere are having an enjoyable summer and that registering for TAS 2013, plus booking your accommodation, will be high on your priority list. Be sure to click on the 'Important Information' link on the Conference Webpage, to find answers to most of your questions: .

Any other questions, just drop us a line:

A major highlight of the week will be a showing of the film "FALLOUT". In the words of Lawrence Johnston, writer/director of the film:

"FALLOUT is a celebration of the life and work of Nevil Shute, the writing of his end of the world novel ON THE BEACH and the making of the Stanley Kramer film in Melbourne in 1959 with Gregory Peck and Ava Gardner.

This is the first film ever made on the life and work of Nevil Shute. FALLOUT utilizes extensive never before seen archival film and photographs to provide a unique and dramatic exploration of the work of Nevil Shute and the ongoing resonance of his incredible vision."

Considering the above, and the exciting, memorable week that is waiting for you in Hobart, Chris and I have high hopes for a great turnout.

Till next month,


From Mary Barnich

I was in Kingston , Ontario, Canada years ago and the waiting room at the airport was covered with pictures of the R100, which I understand landed there after a trans-Atlantic voyage.

From Cedric

This is the story of an American pilot who flew unarmed Spitfires over Germany for photo reconnaissance.

He flew solo and survived. People have virtually forgotten that such things happened.

An old video of his crash landing was found and shown to him 60 years later. He says that they gave him a new propeller and a new radiator, and he flew it again.

Email 2:

This was brought to my attention. I had no previous knowledge of Norman Selfe

Email 3:

The “kindertransport” was the real-life equivalent of Shute’s “Pied Piper”.

Dame Shirley was interviewed on American National Public Radio this morning.

From Tim Spencer

I was in MacLeod's Books, 455 W Pender St, Vancouver, British Columbia today (3 Jun 2013) where they had a copy of 'Vinland the Good' for sale for Can$200, but were willing to sell it for half that price. The cover was a bit tatty but it looked excellent inside. He told me it's only the second copy he's ever had for sale.

From Dr.G.E.(Tommy) Thomas

You may not be aware of the wealth of information provided on this National Library of Australia Service "Trove"

Here is a link to their archive of newspaper cuttings on Nevil


A very short email this time, but still I hope you will enjoy it. Remember we make the newsletter together, so please send me those emails. From the Netherlands, where the weather is changing from day to day, see you next month

See you all next month.