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Newsletter January 2008

Tom Wenham writes:

In the current edition of Aviation World, the journal of Air-Britain Historians, an article by ex-Handley Page chief aerodynamicist, Harry Fraser-Mitchell, finishes by recounting that he recalled a civilianised Handley Page Halifax, G-AJNW, which in its military days was PP296, masquerading as the Reindeer for the filming of No Highway. The subterfuge was achieved with the aid of lots of wood and fabric (on one side only), a tricycle undercarriage, and a swept biplane tail. Harry recalled that at the end of the film it was shown disintegrating. It would be interesting to learn where these shots were filmed and I will attempt to contact Harry, through Air-Britain, to see if he has any more information.

GrahamTritt writes:

As a long time Shute fan, I have chosen "A Town like Alice" and "On the Beach" for study by a book club in April 2008. I hope to find copies of the films to show, can anyone help ?

I found in a local library a DVD of 2004 by Kramer, Stanley [Regie] Paxton, John [Drehbuch] starring Peck, Gregory Gardner, Ava so I guess this is a copy of the original.

As well as the book evening, at about this time I will present a talk on ANZAC Day and on World War II in the Pacific - an aspect of history which is almost unknown in Switzerland! The typical school text book contains 49 pictures and pages of the European theater and one of the east, typically a picture of atom bombing.

Then an ANZAC ceremony in Vevey near Montreux, on 26 April, and the films in the evening. The dates are April 22 to 26, visitors to Berne are welcome to join us !

You can register me as a contact person in Switzerland ! (Has been done - David Dawson-Taylor)

Babette Hills writes:

Our wonderful current North American Librarian, Susan Batross, is ill and needs help with the Foundation Library for 2008. Duties include email correspondence, storing several boxes of books and videos. packing and shipping items, logging postage and materials purchased, balancing donations, tracking items loaned and returned and reporting to the board. Susan hopes to return as Librarian when she recovers. Please contact Babette Hills if you are able to help with this position.

Jeffrey S. Corgan writes:

Back in March or April 2004, I sent a letter to the NSNF about locating a DVD release of the Masterpiece Theatre version of "A Town Like Alice" for my grandmother

This Christmas I was fortunate enough to find for my grandmother a copy of the film on DVD, however.
The Small Screen is a wonderful small company which deals with imports of unlicensed or non-released DVDs to the United States. The page of the DVD can be found here:

Now, I will say that the DVD case it came in was lackluster. There was a bit of damage to the case and the packaging, but that was easily remedied with a new DVD case, and the Disc itself was in perfect condition.

As for the quality of the film, I didn't have time to watch the whole thing, but the beginning seemed totally watchable and listenable (as to be expected from what I can guess is a DVD transfer), and my grandmother claims it improves with time. The only gripe is the menu is a bit messy, but that's minor. Though of course this has nothing to do with The Small Screen, they import these. All in all a totally worthwhile package for a person looking to preserve the film on DVD.


Paul Spoff writes:

My Christmas is very very merry. My wife gifted me with a copy of SEAFARERS. Oh my, I don't know whether to gobble it up all at once, or savor and wait awhile to start it. When you've read all the others so many times, some as often as ten or twelve, it is a hard decision.

I so wish to thank all the Nevil Shute club members for sharing their thoughts and memories and ideas. It's so hard to believe that after forty some years that his books still carry so much weight and mean so much to so many people.
To all who Nevil Shute fans or just happen to see this newsletter-The very best for a wonderful New Year.

This is my 50th newsletter and it is a short one this time.
Maybe we are running out of things to say but I doubt it. After all, we have all come up with 50 newsletters full of things to talk about in only 4 years with very little prompting so I don't think Shute will fade away over night.
I have had some computer problems this month and may have lost a couple of addresses in the changeover even though I backed everything up. It's hard when it is the backup program which has a failure. This means you really need backups for the backups for the backups. (I refuse to go there)
So apologies to those who don't get this and therefore don't get to read my apology. (huh ?)
Sydney has had a great New Years and as I write this it is hot and humid at 10 at night.
I hope you all have a terrific 2008.
Richard Michalak


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