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Photographs from R-2004
York 15th-16th May 2004
The whole gang assembled in York
David Dawson-Taylor, Martyn Dryden, Mike Mehan, John Anderson, Andy Burgess, Nick Shapowal, Alison Jenner, Kate Dawson-Taylor, Laura Schneider, Roger Stark
Bob Adderley, John Wilcox, Steph Gallagher, Jean Shapowal, Ginny Stark, Philip Nixon
(Mark Gallagher)

Bouncing Bomb used by the Dam Busters
Barnes Wallis' bouncing bomb at the Yorkshire Air Museum
(David Dawson-Taylor)
Testing the rangefinder used by the Dam Busters
Mike Meehan tries the Dambusters bombsight instructed by Peter Rix, chairman of the Barnes Wallis Trust
(Martyn Dryden)
So this is where they keep all the antique air!
Shutists at the Yorkshire Air Museum
(Steph Gallagher)
Tea and Scones (where are the scones?)
Time for a chat over tea and scones
(Steph Gallagher)
Model Engineering Display
Andy Burgess's Model Engineering display
(John Anderson)
Home of the Great Panjandrum
Items and pictures about NSN and the DMWD
(John Anderson)
Dr. Steph analyzing a poor hapless Shutist
Steph analyses the "typical" Shutist
(David Dawson-Taylor)
Postprandial repartee
.... after a good dinner in excellent company
(John Anderson)
Nevillian Credo
Revd. John Wilcox talks about "What did Nevil Shute actually believe" -very appropriate for a Sunday morning!
(Andy Burgess)
Howden Airship Station
Local historian Ken Deacon on the Howden Airship Station.
(Andy Burgess)
Airspeed Birthplace
The bus garage in York, where Airspeed began.
(Andy Burgess)