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1961 - 2003

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1961 : "Steven Morris" is published posthumously.


Portrait of Shute by Ian Hassall
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A 1962 posthumous portrait of Shute by wartime friend Ian Hassall (1899-1970). Hassall also moved to Australia. Shute admired Hassall's work and owned several of his wartime sketches. ( ANL )

1963 : The world ends due to nuclear war and the effects of fallout. Melbourne, deferring to Sydney's superior status, goes last.

9 January 1970 : Frances dies in England where she had returned after Shute's death.


Shute caricatured by Rocco in a July 25 2003 article in The Sydney Morning Herald entitled "Remaindered with little honour in his adopted land." ( SMH ) Shute caricatured by Rocco
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Shute's study at Langwarrin
Shute's study at Langwarrin where he wrote his last 8 books and where, while beginning Incident at Eucla, he suffered his final stroke. The Roll Top Desk that he was given by his parents in 1916 and on which he wrote almost all his novels is on the right. ( INSS )
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