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1912 : By age 13 Shute had already made several aeroplane models.
August 1912 : Shute's father, Arthur, is made Secretary to The General Post Office in Ireland.(The Times 1912. Image Research 2006: Steve van Dulken)

Mr A H Norway
Shute's father, Arthur Hamilton Norway, when he was Secretary to the Post Office in Ireland (Courtesy, British Post Office Museum Archive).

The Norway family moves to Dublin to a house called South Hill. Situated at 91 Mount Merrion Ave, Blackrock, Dublin, it is 10 miles south of Dublin, set in 13 acres, had a walled garden, stables and green houses. The outer extensions of the house were demolished, but the original house still stands on a site within the grounds of South Hill, now built on.
South Hill SideSouth Hill from the side, 1955 South Hill from the front, 1955
South Hill front view, 2009 South Hill front entrance, 2009
Photographs supplied by Michael Hannan, whose family, Leo and Sylvia with their children John, Michael, Valerie and Geraldine lived at South Hill from 1942-64.
On Sunday 2nd June 1946 Nevil Shute revisited his old home at South Hill, Co.Dublin and was shown around by the owner Leo Hannan, who had purchased the property in 1942 and now lived there with his family. Nevil Shute took the opportunity of recalling some of his early memories at South Hill and after returning to his home at Pond Head, wrote a letter (below) on 4th June in which he thanked Leo Hannan for showing him over his old home as well as sending him an autographed copy of "Pastoral". Nevil Shute also details some of his time at South Hill in "Slide Rule".

Shrewsbury School
In 1913 Shute goes to Shrewsbury School. He is in Oldham's House. ( SS / DH )
The Dragon School's Roll showing Shute's Age, Weight and Height in the Summer of 1912. He was 5 Stone, 11oz (about 71Pounds or 32 Kg) and 5ft, 1/4" (153cm) tall. ( TD / DH ) Dragon Schools Roll
Shute's Age, Weight and Height
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Shute's swimming achievements
Shute's diving achievements
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Shute's swimming and diving achievements recorded in the Dragon School's magazine "The Draconian". ( TD / DH )

Young Nevil as a private in the OTC, probably about 1913. Shute, second from left on front row, playing a servant in
"The Taming of The Shrew" at The Dragon School in 1913. (Photo of photo TD / JM )
Shute second from left on front row

Oldhams house, 1914 (Shute right hand side on front row) Shute right hand side on front row

Oldham's team of 1915 winning the "Paperchase Cup"
(Nevil Shute left of back row)
This fairly unlikely likeness of Shute is from the Shrewsbury School Old Boys book. ( SS / JBW ) Shute from the Shrewsbury School Old Boys book
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August 04 1914 : World War One begins.

Rudge catalogue photo
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In September 1914 Mr Norway buys Shute and his brother Fred a Rudge Multi motorcycle for 60 Pounds. This is a Rudge catalogue photo from 1914. ( OU )

October 1914 : Shute's brother Fred enters Sandhurst Military Academy.

Frederick Hamilton Norway (1895 - 1915) ( RS ) Frederick Hamilton Norway
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