Nevil Shute Norway Foundation

"Requiem for a Wren" at Exbury
June 2005

A play of "Requiem for a Wren" was put at Exbury house in June 2005. Produced by Jenny Knowles, it faithfully represented the novel, using actual locations such as the grounds of the house and the nearby hard where craft were launched (and probably the dog "Dev" was accidentally killed). Participants were to be transported from place to place in actual WW2 lorries, but at the last minute regulations prevented this touch of realism and coaches had to be used instead; the lorries were used as grandstands for the audience.
Some photographs of the event can be seen below
Afterwards, some 16 "Shutists" gathered for an evening meal at the "Montague Arms" in nearby Beaulieu.

Photos taken during the performance of
"Requiem for a Wren"

Jenny Knowles, producer

A few Shutists gather before the performance

Exbury House

Activity on the "Hard" before the D-day invasion

The ship's company view the bodies of the crashed German Junkers

Cast Line-up