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Models and Fiction - Part 3

Models and Fiction (continued from page 94)
  Incidentally, it is interesting to note that none of his tools show any signs of rust, in spite of their close proximity to the sea and being in the sea air. The fact that his workshop is so substantially built, and properly lighted, ventilated and warmed, no doubt accounts for this.
  After spending a considerable time in the workshop we walked through the prettily wooded grounds, visiting his bees, poultry, pigs (the latter housed in a most luxurious sty made out of an elaborate air raid shelter) and the part of the grounds he is digging up for vegetables, until we came to his study.
  This is a separate building, near to but not joined on to the house, and has been the birthplace of so many of his well-known books such as " Marazan ", " So Disdained ", " Lonely Road ", " Ruined City ", " What Happened to the Corbetts ", " An Old Captivity ", " Landfall ", " Pied Piper ", " Pastoral ", " Most Secret ", " Vinland the Good " (a film play), " The Chequer Board ", and " No Highway ".
    As we sat there talking Mr. Norway made some very interesting remarks about model making in America. He said that, during a recent visit there, it did not appear to him that they have as much enthusiasm for models in that country as we have over here. A big percentage of what modellers there are, seem to be more interested in woodwork, than in engineering models, with, perhaps, the exception of model racing cars and model aero engines. He stated that one seldom sees, in America, and of those interesting tool shops that we are so fond of, and spend so much money in. He does not think that they take model making as seriously as we do, and he could not find any equivalent in that country to our periodical The Model Engineer.
  The photographs are by Mrs. N.S. Norway, who very kindly took them specially for this article.
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