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Final remarks.

Shute's books contain many nuggets of engineering detail in them; the appeal to me is that they are all accurate and so evidently drawn from his own knowledge and experience. As an example the RAF lorry in "Pied Piper" contains a Herbert lathe. Another author might have just said "a lathe" but Shute would have known that Herbert was a well known British make (and indeed many of them are still in use today). Aircraft ground engineers feature in many of his book, and of course take centre stage in "Round the Bend". Shute knew all about their need to have the right training and licences to service various makes of aircraft and how vital they are to keeping aircraft flying.

There were some great British engineers who were contemporaries of Nevil Shute - Barnes Wallis, Frank Whittle and Stanley Hooker to name but three. All three were intimately connected with the aircraft industry and all made their mark in, and remained in, professional engineering. Nevil Shute did not; his gifts lay in writing and his contributions to engineering development were relatively minor. Yet his novels are put together with precision and craftsmanship surely nurtured by his engineering background. In true engineering style nothing is wasted, everything works well and efficiently and the end product, his novels, give continuing pleasure to us all.

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Table 1
List of Subjects for Engineering Science Degree taken from Balliol College, Oxford, Statutes for 1926.
  1. Mathematics
  2. Physics
  3. Applied Mechanics
  4. Strength of Materials
  5. Surveying
  6. Applied Chemistry
  7. Structural Design
  8. Heat and Heat Engines
  9. Electrical Engineering
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